Why People Go To Church

Why People Go To Church


Every minister of the gospel must bear in mind that as they stand on
the pulpit to minister. It is not everyone that has come to receive blessings from the Lord. People come to church for different reasons.


• Bear in mind that there are agents of darkness seeking every means
to harm you as you minister. These people will pretend as if they’re
there to help the ministry whereas, they have come to wound the pastor
and wreck his ministry. They’ll attend virtually all the church
programmes, pretending to be fervent but they have hidden agenda they want to execute. May they not have their way into your life.

• Some go to church in order to get connected to people in high
position. They want those people to see them. These people hardly
listen to sermon and they are less concerned about ministrations.

• Some see the church as a hospital. These kind of people come to
church only when they have been battered by the devil. And they stop
coming once they receive healing. They hardly go to church when they
are strong and okay.

•Some come to church because they love the way the pastor preaches and virtually everything the pastor does. They always anticipate the time
the pastor will mount the pulpit and preach. However, this kind of
people leaves the church once the pastor they love has been transferred.

• Some come to church in order to showcase the new dress/cloth they’ve
just bought. They want people to see that they are also beautiful and
good looking. These people only attend church once in a while when
they have new dress to show to people in church.

• Some come to church because they want to charge their gadget. You
will not see them around when their phones are fully charged but they
will suddenly show up in church. These people would focus their
attention on the phones they are charging, they’re less concerned with
the message the pastor is preaching.

• Some come to church basically to serve the Lord and to genuinely
contribute to the progress of the ministry. They see the ministry as
their life. The can do almost everything to see that God’s work is
progressive. They don’t come because of a specific man/woman of God.
Their aim is to genuinely fund and support the ministry. May you not
lack such people in your ministry.

May you be surrounded by good men and not bad people in Jesus name.
And may the Lord change the heart of people in order to attend church
with right reasons.

Written by
Tunde Korede
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