What You Should Do When You Heart Is Troubled

What You Should Do When You Heart Is Troubled

What You Should Do When Your Heart Is Troubled

Sincerely, there is no way one will live in this world, and one will not have a day, one’s heart will be troubled. Even Jesus, the savior of the world once said, ‘’My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death (Matt. 26:38).’’

A careful study of the Word of God gives us the understanding that great men, documented in Hebrews Chapter eleven, also had days they were sorrowful. So, troubles of life are inevitable.

Undoubtedly, as a believer, you will definitely experience certain incidents that could make your soul to be troubled but you must be wise enough to hold on to God till the end.

It is imperative for you to know how to stay positive during trying times so that you will not commit suicide or deny the Faith. There are certain things you should do as a Christian, whenever the devil tries to weigh down your soul. Here are they:

  • Activate Joy Not Happiness

Nehemiah 8:10

…Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Some Christians do weird things to stimulate happiness, whenever they are bedeviled by the vicissitudes of life. Many of them go in search of happiness instead of them to activate the joy that has been given to them by the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, many go to Club houses, while some drink alcohol to a stupor, thinking that these things will help erase sadness from their life. This is wrong!

No matter the problem you are faced with, be determined not to seek happiness; hence, seek joy. There is a difference between joy and happiness. Joy is spiritually given; because it’s the fruit of the Spirit.

Therefore, it comes from within, even when things are not fine. But happiness comes from outside. It comes primarily, from things that trigger your happiness such as money, fame, expensive materials, parties, alcohol etc.

However, happiness is short-lived, as it cannot sustain anybody during trying times. On the contrary, joy is from the Lord, it does not consider external favourable phenomenon before it can be exhibited. I beseech you to activate the joy that is in you, so that you can be a victor.

  • Pray

James 5:13

Is anyone in trouble? HE SHOULD PRAY.

By the Spirit of the Lord, James was specific in the instruction given to those in trouble or affliction, as they were only expected to pray. You are not expected to keep grumbling and complaining over the decisions you have taken wrongly, that resulted in your trouble.

Also, you are not expected to sit down and be crying profusely over the troubles that have befallen you.

But you are instructed to only pray! Pray! That’s quite instructive. Believers must stop grumbling and start praying. We must stop shifting blame on people when problems come.

Hence, we must be wise enough to pray. The early Church prayed earnestly when Peter was jailed and God intervened.

Pray to the God of heaven because He answers prayers.

  • Move On

2 Samuel 12:20

Then David got up from the ground. After he had washed, put on lotions and changed his clothes, he went into the house of the LORD and worshipped. Then he went to his own house, AND AT HIS REQUEST THEY SERVED HIM FOOD, AND HE ATE.

Before the first child Bathsheba had with David died, David had been fasting and praying to the Lord for mercy. Yet the child died. Once the child died, David got up and broke his fast. He was able to move on! He did not sit down there and start crying over the child he had lost.

Lamentably, there are people who have refused to move on after they had lost their loved ones. Many of them cried to the point that they developed terrible diseases.

Dear friend, you’ve got to move on. Do not stay on the same spot. What has happened has happened! Move on, because there are better days ahead!

  • Determine To Remain Joyful

Philippians 4:4

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: REJOICE!

Apostle Paul was one of the well-known jailbirds. In the verse quoted above, Paul was in the prison when he penned this admonition to the Church at Philippi.

Naturally, Paul was supposed to be crying because he was in jail at that time, yet; he was the one motivating others to rejoice. That’s why I said joy is given by the Holy Spirit not by any favourable condition.

Summarily, be determined to stay joyful, irrespective of any problem you are facing at the moment. It is a choice you have to make.

Do not allow the devil, to rob you of your joy. Because if he succeeds in doing that, he has succeeded in bringing you down, emotionally or spiritually.

 Thank you for reading.

Written by
Tunde Korede
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