What Will Be People’s Reaction When You Leave?

What Will Be People’s Reaction When You Leave?


“When Paul had finished speaking, he knelt down with all of them and prayed. They all wept as they embraced him and kissed him. What grieved them most was his statement that they would never see his face again. Then they accompanied him to the ship.” – Acts 20:36-38.

In the above passage, tears flowed from the eyes of the believers at Ephesus. Paul had spent a considerable time with the Ephesian Church.

Apostle Paul’s departure

Beyond any reasonable time, the time the Apostle Paul spent with them was worthwhile and unforgettable. The impact the Word he spoke was mighty and immerse.

Oh my God! The Ephesians could not believe he was going.

He had had a memorable impact on believers in Ephesus to the extent that they did not want him to go at all.

And that was why they all wept as they embraced Paul and kissed him because they heard they would have no opportunity to see the Apostle anymore.

Truthfully answer these questions

So, people wept for a man who said they would not see anymore! That’s great! What am I trying to bring out of this story?

Again, what will be people’s reaction when you leave that organization? What will be people’s reaction when you leave that Church?

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Additionally, what will be people’s reaction when you leave this earth?

To be frank with you, these are the pertinent questions everyone needs to ask and answer.

They shouldn’t leap for joy because you want to leave.

In other words, if people jubilantly rejoice on hearing the news of your death, that means your existence on earth was harmful, worthless and dreadful.

Sadly, there are people who are alive today and people are praying that they should die.

Great people

Whereas, there are some people, even when they die people would wish God should resurrect them.

Again, such people will pray earnestly for such great people to jack back to life.

Truthfully, the people whose death can easily bring out tears from people’s eyes are those who do not live for themselves alone but those who live for people.

Basically, they are those who made their lives count while on earth. And they are also selfless and they have the spirit of service towards humanity.

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Your responsibility

Also, in the organization you have found yourself today, do not leave behind you a bad footprint.

Leave a footprint, people cannot easily recover from. A good record that cannot be easily erased, beaten and forgotten.

Make every moment counts. Live well while you’re on earth so that people will not have to tell lies about you to cover you up during your burial.

Although, no one is indispensable, but a man can make himself a force to reckon with, with the way he lives his life.

Answer these questions

Can people miss you if you leave that organization? Can people shed tears if you drop your resignation letter?

Have you made yourself an asset no employer is ready to lose? You have to develop yourself and increase your value on earth.

Don’t be a self-centered person, who thinks about himself alone. Affect lives positively because it is those you have impact on positively that will cherish you and cry when you’re gone.

Question is; what do you need to do to increase your value on this earth?

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Dorcas, woman of value

Let’s learn from Tabitha(Dorcas) who was always doing good and helping the poor in her days(Acts 9:36).

It was true that Dorcas was dead but the people she had helped(including the widows) did not want to lose her.

They cried profusely because they wanted their benefactor, Dorcas to live again, though she had died.

More so, they wanted her to live again and not die yet. They sent for Peter, he prayed to her and Dorcas jacked back to life.

Help people

Listen, if you want to leave a name worth remembering; do good and help the poor. Do not keep on putting burden on the poor.

Make sure you help people, don’t let a day pass you by without helping a soul. Do good always.

Never be an instrument of evil or a perpetrator of evil. Live your life as if you will die now.

Can I ask you again? If you leave now, what will be people’s reaction? Are they going to cry or sing and dance? Be a man or woman of value

Importantly, wherever you find yourself, do not tarnish your reputation and make yourself an asset who people will not want to lose at all.

Be a blessing to your generation and let your generation leap for joy that you exist.

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Written by
Tunde Korede
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