• You attract your type.

A goat will never run after snake to mate with her and an elephant
will never seek to make friends with tortoise.
If you’re a bad person, you will definitely attract a bad person like
you. Jonathan was a courageous warrior who had once gone out to fight
the Philistines using his hands and feet with only his armour-bearer
and they killed about twenty men that day. No wonder Jonathan easily
became David’s friends and they became one in spirit. He became
friends with someone that was more fearless than he was. If you’re
worldly, get ready to attract worldly people as friends. Your
responsibility is to be a good person so as to attract good persons as

• You automatically become like your friend.

“He who walk with the wise shall be wise…” -,Proverbs 13:20.

The friends you keep have the propensity to change you to become like
them. For example, if your closed friend is a drunkard, don’t be
surprised you may end up being a drunkard. If your friend has a
particular vulgar slang he says whenever you’re with him, don’t be
surprised if you find yourself saying the same thing either
consciously or unconsciously. If you keep a good friend who is wise
and intelligent, knowledge is contagious, it has a way of spreading to
those who walk closely with the wise. You will also be wise. By
listening to him to help you increase in knowledge. Don’t walk with
fools and irresponsible for you not to learn their ways and become
like them afterwards. Read 1Cor 15:33.

• Your friend can make or mar you

Amnon life was totally shattered beyond by the evil counsel his friend
Jonadab, gave him. (2 Sam 1-38)

Rehoboam created an irrelevant tussle by heeding the advice his evil
friends gave him.(2 Kings 12-17). His friends wrecked his tenure on
the throne.

Daniel was a good friend who asked that his friends be promoted after
he got promoted. The good company shedrack, Meshack and Abednego kept
made them to be promoted.

Written by
Tunde Korede
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