Types Of Conscience And Why Some People Are Heartless

Types Of Conscience And Why Some People Are Heartless

Types of Conscience And Why Some People Are Heartless


Conscience is a person’s moral sense of right and wrong viewed as a guide to one’s behaviour. It is a vigilant eye that holds up imagination and acts for censure or approval.

Your conscience is your God-ordained policeman. Therefore, it is sinful for you to willfully act against it.

God has given every living soul conscience. There is nobody that does not have it. This has nothing to do with salvation.

I don’t care if you have given your life to Christ or not. The crux of the matter is that; you have a conscience that you must obey. It is given to you by God to enable you live a morally upright life.

If you know the five types of conscience that we have, you will understand why some people are heartless.

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Five Types Of Conscience

• Good Conscience

1 Peter 3:16
[16]Having a GOOD CONSCIENCE; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.

This is the natural conscience that God has given to every man to serve as everyone’s guide. In the beginning, everything the Lord created was good.

Having a good conscience requires a lot of hard work and determination. Because you will be tempted to tell lies, cheat on your spouse and deny your guide several times.

Train it

Because it can be trained to be good, weak, defiled or dead. The best one to have is good. If your conscience is good, you will be able to do the right thing.

Even, whenever you do anything bad, it will quickly correct you. One can make his God ordained policeman to be dead due to one’s disobedience to its voice.

A good one will enable you live to please God. If you dogmatically obey your conscience, you won’t need professional counsellors to tell you what you need to do. Just obey your conscience.

Again, it is that voice that usually warns you whenever you want to steal. It is that voice that tells you to seek the good of others all the time.

Furthermore, it is that good voice that tells you to tell the truth all the time. It is that voice that convicts you whenever you lie. Every human being has this voice within them and if we all obey it, we will have a better world.

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• Weak One

1 Corinthians 8:12
[12]But when ye sin so against the brethren, and wound their WEAK CONSCIENCE, ye sin against Christ.

This kind of conscience is vulnerable to environmental pressure as it is susceptible to change. Anyone who has this type can be easily influenced.

More so, that person may be a very strong Christian with a strong Christian foundation. But can be easily influenced by the new set of people someone lives with.

In his new environment, if they steal people’s belongings. He/she can also join them as he will see nothing wrong in stealing.

So, any Christian who has weak conscience is a person of weak faith. Because he has made his conscience to be fragile. That is why you need to be careful of whom you choose as friends.

Environmental Pressure

Environmental influence or pressure can make a conscience weak. For instance, you know bribery is sinful. But you work in an establishment where bribery is the other of the day.

Believe me, you could be forced to assume that bribery is not sinful because some of your bosses are involved.

My friend, prayerfully choose where you want to work, live and serve God. Please, do.

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• Defiled One

Titus 1:15
[15]Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and CONSCIENCE IS DEFILED.

People in this category have successfully defiled their God-ordained policeman. Whereas, they claim they truly know God but their deeds deny Him.

As a matter of fact, some prophets or evangelists are in this category. They can preach well but their lifestyle is contrary to what they preach.

The reason is, they have defiled their God-ordained policeman. A defiled conscience is the one that has been remoulded through sin and disobedience.

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• Evil One

Hebrews 10:22
[22]Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an EVIL CONSCIENCE and our bodies washed with pure water.

Truthfully, a person with an evil conscience is someone who has trained himself/herself to do evil. This person has lied to the extent that lies have become truth to him.

Additionally, there is hardly no evil thing someone like this cannot do. Because he/she has trained his God-ordained policeman to accept evil as a lifestyle

Without mincing words, this is why some politicians can kill people and they will never feel guilty. This is why some people are heartless and inhumane.

The best gift one can give to his God-ordained policeman is to obey its leading. Because it cannot lead you to do the wrong thing. Whenever your (God-ordained policeman) corrects you. Please, listen and change.

If you refuse to listen to its leading, you will end up having an evil conscience.

• Dead One

1 Timothy 4:2

Practically, when you place a hot on a hour body part for too long. It can kill the cells of your body. This will make it unresponsive to outside world.

Similarly, when you sear your conscience with hot iron. You have killed its functionality. It will be unable to work as expected.

In other words, when something is dead, it means that thing is no more working again. God has given you a natural guide in life that will make you do the right thing in life.

Never allow selfishness and wrongdoing to kill it.

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• Every human being is blessed with a guide and an instructor. If everyone listen to this God-ordained policeman, we will all do the right thing.

• Having a good conscience should be the goal of every believer in order for us not to do unlawful things.

• Don’t quickly blame those who commit atrocities or do barbaric things. It may be because of their dead conscience. That’s why we must train our conscience by doing the right thing all the time.

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Stay blessed.

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Tunde Korede
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