Three Ways To Serve God In Humility

Three Ways To Serve God In Humility

Three Ways To Serve God In Humility

Humility is the recognition of self in relation to God, and subsequent submission to Him. It is a state of being humble before God and man. Humility is often characterized as genuine gratitude and lack of arrogance, a modest view of one’s self. Haughty believers cannot please the Lord because by strength shall no man prevail.

Here are three ways for believers to stay humble;

(1) Ability To Apologize

Genesis 16:9

Then the angel of the LORD told her, “Go back to your mistress and submit to her.”

Hagar, Abram’s maid, was driven out of Abram’s home for despising Sarai because she had been pregnant. As she was escaping, an angel met her and told her to go back and submit to her mistress, Sarai. In obedience to the angel, Hagar went back and submitted to her.

The ability of a believer to apologize to whoever he has wronged is pure humility. To serve God in humility, you must be ready to own up wherever you have been wrong. Learn to say ‘sorry’ to people you have offended. Consequently, there are men who think apologizing to their spouse for their mistakes, will decrease their value. This is not true!

Haughty people will never apologize, no matter how much you try to convince them. There are people who cannot apologize to their parents, teachers, bosses even their children. To serve God in humility, learn to apologize for your mistakes. When you apologize to people, it will not reduce your worth. Rather, it will make you respectable and commendable by God.

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(2) Always Give Glory To God

Isaiah 42:8

”I am the Lord, that is my name! I will not give my glory to another or my praise to another.”

Nonetheless, there are people who are to pompous to ascribe glory to God. They love to be credited for every outstanding feat that they achieve. Also, they haven’t deemed it fit to return Glory to their Maker for giving them the opportunity to make exploits. Such people cannot command enduring exploits.

For instance, Nebuchadnezzar was driven to the forest for failing to ascribe Glory to God (Dan 4:28-32). You must develop the habit of returning Glory to God, even if people keep crediting you for your brilliance. If you keep yourself humble, He will keep lifting you. If you keep being pompous, you are setting yourself up for a great downfall.

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(3) Involve God In Everything You Do

Proverbs 3:6

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

Instructively, we must be able to depend on God in all situations. Never assume that your strength, clout and wealth can make you successful. Undoubtedly, there are problems your natural strength cannot solve. It will only take supernatural strength for you to overcome such problems.

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Hence, we need to depend on Him and trust in Him for Him to use us as His vessels. People who think they already have all it takes to succeed cannot truly enjoy God’s backing. By strength shall no man prevail. Let’s involve Him in all our activities, be it academic, political or spiritual.

David was a man who acknowledged God in all situations and circumstances. He would not go to any battle except He has secured Divine guidance. No wonder he never lost any battle. Let’s be humble and acknowledge Him every time.

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