We have already examined the first temptation in my previous article. I wrote on the temptation of a sense of belonging in my previous post on the SEVEN TEMPTATIONS EVERY YOUNG PEOPLE MUST OVERCOME. The next temptation is;


“Some time later, he fell in love with a woman in the Valley of Sorek whose name was Delilah.” – Judges 16:4.

The Bible verse cited above was about Samson and how he fell in love with Delilah. You all know Delilah! Samson was a man anointed powerfully by God because he was born basically to begin the deliverance of Isreal from the hands of the Philistines. God started using him mightily when he was very young. He had the promise of God upon his life. He had a calling. But he fell in love with the wrong woman. When a man falls in love with the wrong person, he will shipwreck his life.

Although, Samson had eyes for women, in every city he went to, he would always see women. Some he would sleep with them while he would want to marry some. If he wanted to marry it would have been better for him to fall in love with an Israelite lady. Instead, Samson fell in love with Delilah, a Philistine, a messager of the devil who later wrecked Samson’s ministry and life.

Many young people today are falling in love with the wrong people. Some of them have eyes for ladies. Once a lady passes by, they will fix their eyes upon her and gaze unstoppably. They care not if the girl they are falling in love with is a believer or an unbeliever. All they want is relationship. One of the temptations a young person will face and must overcome is the temptation to fall in love with the wrong person.

As a young man/woman, you will be tempted to fall in love with someone outside the will of God, due to beauty, fame, wealth and natural endowments. As a young man who is a Christian, the devil will make you to believe that a woman’s religion does not matter. The devil will tell you that you can change her if you marry her. Maybe Samson thought like that too. One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to marry a lady because you believe you can change her religion. That lady may never change. Beware!

As a young woman who is a christian, you will be tempted to marry a man who is wealthy, tall and handsome with poor spiritual life. The devil will want you to believe that spirituality doesn’t matter. You do not even care how he makes his money. You will be tempted to fall in love with a weathy man that gets wealth in an ungodly manner and that does not want to hear the name of Jesus. Beware! Such people are wrong people.

You will have reasons to praise the Lord if you can patiently, prayerfully and watchfully select who you will marry. Do not be in haste. All your friends my be getting married now. Your time is different from theirs. The time appointed for Taye is different from the time appointed for Kehinde. Faithful is He that calleth who will also do it. Faithful is He that calls you out of the the kingdom of darkness who will also give you the best.

Do not fall in love with a man/woman because he/she is rich!

Do not fall in love with a man/woman because you feel you can change him/her!

Do not fall in love with a man/woman because he/she is beautiful or handsome!

Don’t be infatuated. Love at first sight is very dangerous. Beware of it!

Marry someone because he loves the Lord and he is a growing believer. You marry someone because you know you have discovered your purpose for life and that person will also help you pursue your vision.

A wrong person is someone who will not allow the promise of God to come to pass over your life. A wrong person is the messenger of the devil that entraps God’s servant. A wrong person is a cunning but harmful person that seeks nothing good for you.

MY PRAYER FOR YOU: May the Lord give you the grace to overcome the temptation of falling in love with the wrong person. You will not marry the wrong person in Jesus name.

The part three of this article will be posted soon. Anticipate it!

Written by
Tunde Korede
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