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Parenting tips are needed by parents who have children. Also, every young people who would like to get married in future need parenting tips in order to raise godly children.

Calmly read these parenting tips, study and imbibe them because they will help you.

Many parents still don’t know why it’s more effective to set good examples for their children than to tell them to do those things. Meanwhile, children learn more from what their parents are doing than what their parents are telling them.

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Some parents don’t want to drop their bad habits but they want their children to stop those habits. This is why some children will ask their parents that, “are you not doing it too?” Don’t just tell your children what to do. Show them!

Many parents don’t have listening hears. These parents just want their children to do whatever they want them to do. They don’t care to know what their children are feeling. As a result of this, many children don’t see their parents as mentors.

They prefer to seek advice from outsiders because they’ve seen their parents as “close strangers”. Always listen to what your children have to say. You should be your children’s mentor – even if they have other mentors.

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Your children need your presence

There is one thing that children can’t get from another person. They can get food, money, cloth, shelter etc, from outsiders. The only thing they can’t get from other people is the PRESENCE of their parents.

Many parents don’t see it as something important. They always failed to show up whenever their children need it. This is making some children to feel unloved despite the fact that their parents are providing other things. Although job is important, it shouldn’t deny your children your presence when they need it.

Lead your children by example

For many children, their journey into pornography started from home. They’ve been seeing their parents engaging in different sexual activities since they were kids. Their parents thought they didn’t understand what was happening then.

Some parents are also fond of changing their clothes in the presence of their children. Meanwhile, they are unknowingly polluting the mind of those children.

This is sexual abuse for the children and it’s also one of the reasons why some young people engage in rape. Keep your sexual activities and nakedness away from your children.

How children are raped!

Many children have been sexually abused because of their parent’s nonchalant attitude. Parents need to be sensitive about some strange behaviour of their children.

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A child who suddenly withdraw him/herself from someone should be asked some questions. Some wicked adults will abuse teens and threatened them not to tell anybody. Always ask your child his/her reason for such action. Be guided.

Your responsibility

It’s your duty to cater for your children’s responsibilities (till they become adults). You need to be opened to your children so that they will know when you truly don’t have money. Don’t just say, “God knows I don’t have money”.

If God sees you, let your children see you too. Let your children have trust in you that the only reason you may not do something for them is if you don’t have money. You shouldn’t place ceremonial clothes and other frivolities above your children’s needs.

Always remember that it’s your duty to cater for your children’s needs. Don’t deny your children your presence whenever they need it. You need to set good examples for your children.

Be your children’s mentor

Although your children may have other mentors, you must be their mentor too. It’s necessary to have listening hears and be opened to your children on money issue.

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Don’t leave out discipline in training your children. Above all, teach them to fear God and love others as they love themselves.

Written by Mayowa Oladele (PenKraft)

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