My Thought On The Ongoing #EndSars Protest In Nigeria – Tunde Korede

My Thought On The Ongoing #EndSars Protest In Nigeria – Tunde Korede

My Thought On The Ongoing #EndSars Protest In Nigeria – Tunde Korede


Before India gained its independence from the British, Mahatma Gandhi had to lead non-violent protests by standing out against the subjugation of India by the Great Britian.

Nelson Mandela had to publicly oppose the policy of APARTHEID, before both black and white people in South Africa could have equal political rights.

“I Support Youths In Their Peaceful Protest” – Pastor Adeboye

In America, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had to lead protest against prejudice and racism, before the laws of the country were changed to accomodate everybody.

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By divine leading, Moses and his men had to protest against the Egyptian’s Pharoah, before the Israelites were allowed to go.

Owning to the foregoing, history has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that when people are unjustly oppressed, protest is inevitable.

Also, freedom does not always come easily but forcefully. Even the Israelites were not released easily. Hence, we must join the movement.

Sometimes, when I ponder on the state of my dear country; Nigeria, my heart bleeds. A lot of things are not working in this country. There must be changes! There is no need to deceive ourselves.

If you are not in support of #EndSars #EndSWAT, I doubt if you are truly a Nigerian. I’d implore you to study history for better understanding.

I pray that the on-going protest, accross the nation should revolutionize Nigeria.
Nigerian youths have proven that they are not lazy at all. We are awake!

Above all, bear in mind that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

As we protest, let us protest in the place of prayer as well. Prayer changes people! Prayer changes things!

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Let’s keep praying.

Pastor Paul Enenche Leads Hundreds On Prayer Walk In Abuja

God bless Nigeria!

Written by
Tunde Korede
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