Meet Prophet Timothy Obadare, The Man Whom God Used Mightily

Meet Prophet Timothy Obadare, The Man Whom God Used Mightily

Meet Prophet Timothy Obadare, The Blind Man Whom God Used Mightily

Timothy Obadare
Young Obadare

Prophet Timothy Oluwole Obadare was a Nigerian televangelist and founder of World Soul Winning Evangelical Missions, WOSEM. He was also the General evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, CAC. He stood tall among the prophets of his generation and broke barriers that health attempted to place on his way.

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Here are seven things you need to know about the visually impaired prophet;

Beginning of Blindness

(1) Obadare dropped out of Apostolic Church Primary School in Ise-ilesa due to blindness resulting from a chronic small pox episode which ravaged his entire community and cost him the use of his both eyes.

(2) The date of birth of the late prophet is not specifically known. Some documents suggest that he was born in 1925 while others assert that he was born in 1930.

Nevertheless, his place of birth is undoubtedly certain. Because he was born in Ise-ilesa in the present Osun state of Nigeria. His father, David, was formerly a farmer before he was called into ministry while his mother, Felicia was a petty trader.

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Through Babalola

Timothy Obadare
The Prophet

(3) Before the demise of Ayodele Babalola in 1959, he had brought the young evangelist, Timothy Obadare to the church who later rose to become a well known prophet in Christ Apostolic Church.


(4) Prophet Obadare attended the Apostolic Church Theological seminary for theological education.

Although, he did not fully receive western education in life.

He went on to receive other honorary degrees from institutions such as St. John’s University, Missouri in 1985 and The trinity of College of Ministerial Arts, Ana Nigeria in 1990 respectively.

Also, he was granted membership of many reputable international institutions.

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How He Received Power

(5) He attended a revival organized by Brother Paul and Dr Thomas in his church in 1953.

Sequel to the unadulterated teaching he received in that meeting, on the importance of the Holy Spirit, being the most essential weapon needed by any man of God for spiritual exploits.

He compelled his mother to lock him up in a room where he embarked on a prolonged fasting and prayer. It was said that on the fifth day of his prayer, he received powerful revelation about his ministry, mission, life, his nation and his future.

Additionally, his head was miraculously opened at the left hand side and a copy of the Holy Bible was deposited there and sealed.

Timothy Obadare
Great Man Of God

Great Man Of God

(6) It could be said that after Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola departure, Obadare seemed to be the only CAC prophet to be as much anointed and spiritually gifted as Babalola whose ministry led to the resuscitation of the dead and the healing of many physically wounded Nigerians.

He belonged to the group of indigenous prophets whose ministries were highly successful, especially within south western Nigeria.

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Exploits Despite Several Limitations

Timothy Obadare
His Burial

(7) Despite his blindness and educational limitation, he was able to master the Bible chapters and verses impeccably that if a chapter or a verse was ready wrongly, he would instantly correct the reader, to the amazement of the congregation

Summarily, prophet Timothy Oluwole Obadare went home to be with the Lord on March 21, 2013, probably at the age of 83.

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