Marriage: Five Things You Must Have Before Getting Married

Marriage: Five Things You Must Have Before Getting Married

Marriage: Five Things You Must Have Before Getting Married


Marriage is an institution that is established by God. There are basic requirements every young people who want to get married must possess.

More explanation on mariage

Marriage is not something anyone can rush into without enough knowledge. The one who instituted marriage is God.

And for every product, there is a manual. God’s manual for the marriage, he established is the Bible.

Any counsel that is not in line with God’s Word will destroy one’s marriage.

Until you know His requirements for marriage, you are not qualified to get married.

If you get married without having these requirements I am about to outline and explain. You may not enjoy your marriage.

And God’s will is that you enjoy your marriage. My prayer is that you will have a good Christian marriage in Jesus name.

Therefore, pay attention to this teaching because it will help all Christian Youths who are preparing to get married.

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Five Things You Must Have Before You Consider Marriage

• Know Him

Daniel 11:32

[32]And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: BUT THE PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG, AND DO EXPLOITS.

You are to know the Lord who instituted the institution you want to enter. Although, you were born inside the Church and grew up in the Church. But that does not signify salvation.

Salvation means that you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and he took away your sins.

Salvation is the first requirement for marriage. Because you cannot have a new heart and be able to live a new life without surrendering yourself to Jesus.

Honestly, know the Lord because you will need Him more in your marriage. Know Him now so that you can do exploits in your marriage.

Rest assured that you have been saved. And when that is settled, you are good to build a great family.

You want to do exploits in your marriage? Know Him.

You want to have a good marriage. Make sure you know the Lord.

There are marriages that are not doing exploits.

While there are marriages that are doing great. Because, our level of knowledge of God will make or mar our marriages.

What It Means To Have A Christian Marriage

• Marriage requires good relationship with God

Job 22:21
[21]Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.

One of your responsibilities as a single man or woman is to develop good relationship with the Lord.

At this point, you must know how God speaks to you. You should be able to communicate your needs to God outright.

You should be able to distinguish the voice of the Lord from the voice of the devil.

As you acquaint yourself with the Lord. Certainly, good will come unto you.

There is a need for you to have an unshakable relationship with God.

Get yourself books to read.

Study the Word of the Lord. Know His mind on certain issues like marriage, trinity, Holy Spirit, healing, Heaven etc.

Know what it takes to have a good marriage through study.

Develop good relationship with God before you enter into marriage.

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• Marriage requires a job

Genesis 2:15
[15]And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

Before God gave Adam a wife, he gave a job to him. He gave him an occupation.

So, Adam had a job before he was considered fit to get a wife. That is God’s arrangement.

I marvel when unemployed and lazy youths of today want to get married without a stable source of income. It is absolute stupidity.

Wisdom demands that you get a source of income before venturing into marriage.

Any jobless brother who marries any sister will raise a poverty-ridden family. They will definitely suffer until they get a stable source of income.

Practically, marriage will demand a lot from you. And money is one of the things marriage will demand from you.

For instance, you and your wife must eat every day. You must take care of your children and give them sound education.

But if you have no job, how will you shoulder these responsibilities?

Therefore, if you don’t have a job yet. Just get a job before you think of marriage.

Otherwise, you’ll regret your decision for ignoring this wise counsel. Please, head this advice.

• Know God’s Purpose For Your Life

Genesis 2:15
[15]And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

God’s purpose for Adam was clearly stated. Purposely, he was put in the garden to take care of it. So, God gave him a wife, who would help him in his daily work.

God gave him someone who would help him accomplish God’s purpose for his life. He did not just give him a wife because it is just a normal thing to do.

Primarily, if you have not known the reason for your existence, you do not need to get married.

Because, the main reason why you need a helper is to help you achieve God’s purpose for your life.

For example, as a man, if you are going to be a minister of the gospel. You must marry someone who will help you in your ministerial work.

But to marry someone whom God has purposely called to be a pilot is totally confusing.

The person you are to get married to must be going in the same direction you are going in the journey of life.

Husbands and wives are helpers not the contrary.

Nevertheless, you must know God’s vision and purpose for your life before you get married.

Christian Youths Must Develop These Skills

• Marriage Requires Independence

Genesis 2:24
[24]Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Independence is what you must strive to accomplish before you get married.

And one of the ways to know your level of independence is your ability to live alone.

When a man knows that if he leaves his father and mother’s house.

He can still survive and also thrive with his wife. Yes! That man is ready for marriage.

But if you cannot adequately provide for your needs and your partner needs without your parents involvement.

You’re are not independent. And you are not ripe enough for marriage.

Develop your level of independence before marriage comes in.

It is an unscriptural practice for you to marry your wife into your parent’s house.

Leaving and cleaving cannot take place in your father’s house. It can only take place in your own house.

Dear friend, to some extent, you should be able to shoulder the demands of your family. If you cannot, do not get married yet.

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