Infidelity: 5 Ways To Prevent Your Spouse From Cheating On You

Infidelity: 5 Ways To Prevent Your Spouse From Cheating On You

Lovely Couple

Infidelity: Five Ways To Prevent Your Spouse From Cheating On You

Lovely couple

Infidelity  is an act of  having sex with someone who is not your husband, wife, or regular sexual partner. It is also the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.

It can be prevented in marriage when the right decisions are taken. There are some things you can do as a woman that can make your man stay with you forever. And there are some habits or attitudes one can exhibit that can drive one’s spouse away.

(1) Pay Attention To Your Spouse

Many women have lost their spouse because of their inability to pay attention to their spouse’s plight or predicament. At times, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your spouse.

If you are the type who ignores your partner whenever he/she talks to you. This may make your spouse to cheat on you. He or she may be tempted to have affairs with someone who listens to him or her apart from you.

Start paying attention to your spouse’s words, emotions, and needs. If you want to prevent infidelity, start paying attention to your partner’s needs.

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(2) Satisfy Your Spouse In Bed

Poor sexual pleasure in a relationship can lead to infidelity. There are some women who have driven their husband away due to their inability to get the job done in bed.

Sex can sustain or destroy any relationship. It depends on how sexual activity is done between the couple. You should start satisfying your man in bed as a woman. Whenever it’s time for sex, stop giving irrelevant excuses.

Play Your Own Part

Play your part and give it to your spouse the way he or she wants it. As a woman, make sure you give him the best sexual pleasure in bed. Do not deprive him of sex. Men should also stop giving excuses that they are tired.

Let there be an agreement between you and your spouse. And enjoy the best of sex.

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(3) Be Faithful

On Infidelity

Every act is a seed. A man will reap whatever he sows. If you sow unfaithfulness to your partner, you will definitely reap it. There will surely be a payback time. That is the reason why you need to be faithful.

Even if it seems as if he is unfaithful to you. Stay faithful to him. Even if you are not sure your partner is cheating on you or not. Stay faithful. Sow good seed by staying faithful to your man or woman.

(4) Pray For Your Spouse

Above all theories and the wisdom of men. There is something called the power of prayer. No matter how much you try to prevent your spouse from cheating on you. If you don’t involve the force of prayer, all your efforts may prove abortive.

Do not undermine the influence and the power of joint prayer. Both of you need to pray together. Involve God in the activities of your family.

Let God Be The Leader

Let God be the leader of your family. Allow God to keep your man. Do not be too suspicious. Prayer will enable both of you to foster unity. I hope both of you will start praying after reading this.

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(5) Pray For Your Spouse

Sadly, women have always been the ones who pray for their partners consistently. Also, Men must accept the responsibility of praying for their wives as well. If you really want to enjoy your spouse alone, pray for him.

Sometimes, the issue of infidelity is spiritual. There are some men who have vowed  never to cheat in a relationship. Yet, they ended up cheating. Many of them do not really want to cheat on their spouses but it seems as if certain powers compel them to cheat.

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