Tips On How To Pray Well As A Christian

Tips On How To Pray Well As A Christian

Tips On How To Pray Effectively As A Christian

How to pray well
How to pray well

The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasized. Even in the days of Jesus, He would withdraw to a solitary place to pray (Luke 5:16).

It was not because Jesus was not busy. It was because Jesus knew the importance of daily prayer.

In your walk with God, you need to develop a consistent prayer life. You should have a quality relationship with God.

Tips On How To Pray Effectively

• Get a conducive place

Although, there is no where you cannot call upon the name of the Lord. But some prayers require that you spend time alone with God.

Luke 5:16
[16]And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.

Jesus knew they were going to disturb Him if He stayed around people praying to God. He was like a Celebrity at that time. So, he chose to go to a lonely place to pray.

Believe me, you cannot expressly and comprehensively analyze your needs to God where there are distractions.

Whereas, getting a conducive place to pray to your father is more profitable and rewarding. It will enable you to be focused. And you will spend good time with the Lord.

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• Ask for the help of Holy Spirit

Romans 8:26
[26]Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Some Christians don’t spend much time in God’s presence because they don’t know the prayer points they need to pray.

Here comes the ministry of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes, we do not know what to say in the place of prayer.

However, we are to ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit will help you to pray well. He will give you the right prayer to pray at that moment.

Holy Spirit will communicate the mind of God to you. By this, you will be able to pray effectively and pray according to the will of God.

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Hindrances To Effective Prayers

• Pray in a good position

Basically, there is no specific position we must be before we can call the Lord. But we are to choose the best one that will enable us pray well.

Truly, some people prefer sitting down while some believers prefer to remain standing while praying. All these methods are good.

Candidly, use the method that will help you to pray. If you know that by sitting down to pray, you will dose off. Please, use another method.

For example, when Ezra wanted to pray. This was what he did;

Ezra 9:5

Choose the best method suitable for you and make sure you pray. You can lay down, stand, lift up your hands or sit down. Just make sure you pray.

Baseless Excuses People Give For Not Being Prayerful

• Believe God has forgiven you

1 John 2:2
[2]And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

Believe God has forgiven your sins. And before He can forgive you. Make sure you ask Him for the forgiveness of your sins.

I have discovered that those who maintain a sense of guilt while praying don’t tarry in the place of prayer.

More so, it is only those who have a clear heart towards God that will enjoy their time in His presence.

Boldly ask Him for the forgiveness of your sins. Once you do that, He has forgiven you.

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• Plan your life

Planning is winning. Planning is a proof of wisdom. Poor planners are those who hardly find time to pray.

Also, they will have time to do all other things but they won’t have time for prayers at all.

Emulate Daniel who made it necessary for himself to pray to God at least three times in a day. And he maintained it, despite his busy schedule.

Don’t use your business as a cover up for not being prayerful. Plan your life very well so that you can have a great prayer life.

Obviously, Daniel was a good planner. Purposely add the time of prayer to list of what to do every day.

With these tips, I believe you will have a great and an enviable prayer life. Just imbibe the lessons therein.

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Question: Have you been praying to God every day? And if you have. Like how many hours do you spend in His presence?

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