How To Identify Witches And Sorcerers (Part 2)

How To Identify Witches And Sorcerers (Part 2)

How To Identify Witches And Sorcerers (Part 2)

Identify witches
Identify witches

The devil is powerless over believers but do not think that the devil is on vacation. Therefore, zero attention should not be paid to him.

God’s Word says we should be sober and vigilant, because the devil prowls about seeking whom he may devour (1 Pet 5:8). The devil still look for ways to attack and inflict trouble upon God’s children.

To be on a safe side, we are not to give him a foothold (Ephe 4:27). However, one of the agents of the devil are witches and sorcerers. They do his bidding and they execute the evil agenda of their leader — the devil.

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Although, witchcraft is listed among the works of the flesh in Galatians 5:20, as noted by Apostle Faith Oniya in the first part of this article.

Sincerely, this is because it is a work borne out of flesh. You need to be in the flesh before you can practise witchcraft. But when we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

In addition, it is a craft, but there is a spiritual side of witchcraft. Purposely, we are dealing with the spiritual side in this article.


(1) Rebellion

1 Samuel 15:23


Rebellion is the nature of Satan because he rebelled against God, trying to raise his throne above the stars of God (Isaiah 14:13).

So, God’s Word sees rebellion as the sin of witchcraft. And note that witchcraft is identified as a sin in the verse of the scripture above.

There are people who rebel against people in authority. People who speak ill of their leaders even when they are doing well. Also, they do everything to usurp them and oust them from the position of power. Many of the people who do these are practise witchcraft.

Witchcraft is also manifested through rebellion.

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(2) Enemy Of The Gospel

Acts 13:8

But Elymas the sorcerer (for that is what his name means) OPPOSED them and TRIED TO TURN THE PROCONSUL FROM THE FAITH.

The Proconsul sent for Barnabas and Saul in order to hear the gospel. Buoyed by the spirit of witchcraft, his attendant, Bar-Jesus, withstood their message as they were speaking to him. They were preaching to him, but he was there opposing their message.

Paul, being filled with the Spirit, noticed this, and commanded that he should be struck down with blindness for a time. The crux of the matter, is that, witches oppose the gospel.

However, when you see certain people in certain villages/areas, doing everything to oppose the spread of the gospel. It could be the spirit of witchcraft operating through them.

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2 Kings 9:22

…”How can there be peace,” Jehu replied, ”as long as all the idolatry and WITCHCRAFT OF YOUR MOTHER JEZEBEL ABOUND.”

In this verse of the scriptures, without a shadow of a doubt, it is evident that Jezebel was a witch. Jezebel was the wife of Ahab, the king of Israel at that time. So, Jezebel used her evil spirit to commit several atrocities, during her husband’s reign.

She was the one who planned the death of Naboth. She used her satanic spirit to write and plan the death of an innocent man called Naboth. And after the man was unjustly killed, she asked her husband to take over his land.

She did almost everything to oppose the will of God in Israel. In fact, she was against the Lord’s prophet. 1 Kings 18:4 noted that Jezebel killed the Lord’s prophets.

Killing the people of God is another atrocity committed by that witch. So, witches are wicked people. They oppose the things of God. And they do not care killing people if they would not permit them to carry out their witchcraft activities.

She was the same who petrified Elijah with death threat. Elijah, the great prophet had to run for his dear life. Above all, witches are a set of people who have received the spirit to do wickedness. They are people who have received the spirit to commit atrocities at will, in the spirit realm.

May you not be a food for witches. You are empowered against the power of witchcraft in Jesus’ name.

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(4) Deceit

Acts 13:10

You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right! YOU ARE FULL OF ALL KINDS OF DECEIT AND TRICKERY. Will you never stop perverting the right ways of the Lord?

Paul uttered the foregoing words, while addressing Bar-Jesus; the sorcerer, who was opposing his message to Sergius Paulus. He called him a man full of deceit and trickery.

Witches can be identified through their tricks. They will masquerade as the agents of light, but they will transform to the agents of darkness at night. More so, they have the tendency to stay friendly with people.

Sincerely, they make friends easily because they possess high level of deceit. Beware of people like this. Do not just make friends, make godly friends. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, as you make friends. Do not judge by what you see. God looks into the heart not at the outward appearance.

May you not fall into the deceptive trap of witches and sorcerers.

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(5) Selling Nations & Families To The Devil

Nahum 3:4

Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the wellfavoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that SELLETH NATIONS through her whoredoms, AND FAMILIES THROUGH HER WITCHCRAFT.

Sometimes, some people say, witches use their power to help them to build infrastructures in developed nations. This belief is erroneous. There is no portion of the Scriptures that lends credence to this claim. Hence, we must learn to be silent where the Bible is silent. And speak where the Bible speaks.

Throughout the Bible, you find, witches opposing good works, resisting the move of God, committing atrocities, sacrificing their children etc.

Get this ingrained in your cerebrum, witches do not help people. They are against good works (Acts 13:10).

Even if they help you, they will only help you, only for them to disgrace you in the long run.

Notwithstanding, in the quoted verse of the Bible, witches are also saddled with the responsibility of selling nations and families to the devil. And the greatest tool they use is whoredom — prostitution. That is why I pity nations whose leaders hire and sleep with prostitutes.

Witches can be identified through their mission in selling nations and families to the devil. That is why it becomes cumbersome for certain individuals to make headway in life. This is because the family they came from has been sold out.

My prayer for you is that; may you be taken away from the hands of witches that have held you bound in Jesus’ name.

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Tunde Korede
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