Borrowing mentality is what strengthens and energizes people to continue borrowing. Borrowing is of the mind.

There are erroneous thoughts people have concerning debt and borrowing lifestyle.

They hold the belief that it is impossible for one to do great projects except you borrow.

Additionally, they hold the belief that it is impossible to live a debt free life.

In this article, I’ll address these nebulous irrational beliefs which have served as impetus for people to continually borrow.

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Borrowing mentality 1

• It is impossible to do great projects without borrowing

There are people who did great projects as recorded in the Bible without borrowing.

Solomon built a temple and a palace for himself without borrowing a dime. The temple and palace were magnificently built with zero debt.

There was no place in the Bible where it was recorded that Solomon borrowed money to build the palace and the temple.

As a matter of fact, the men he hired from another country, he made sure he paid them.

It took King Solomon seven years for the completion of the temple he built for God(1Kings 6:38).

While he spent thirteen years to finish the building of his palace(1 Kings 7:1).

Although, it took King Solomon many years before he could complete the great projects he started.

The crux of the matter is; he completed them without running into debt. If you can wait for God to supply your needs you will definitely complete your projects debt-free.

Abraham didn’t borrow

Also, Abraham did great and mighty things in his days but he did not borrow any money to finance himself.

He was the one who begged the Hittites to collect money from him when he wanted to buy a burial site.

They wanted to give him free-of-charge but he said no. Yet, he paid fully for the land(Gen 23:16-20).

I want you to remove that thought that is making you to run into debt every time you want to do great projects.

You can start and complete great projects without borrowing a dime if you believe. Change your perspective about debt. Debt is not dignifying at all.

Glory Dome

In this present age; Pastor Paul Enenche, the Pastor of the largest Church auditorium of about 100,000 capacity in Africa. He said after the dedication of the Glory Dome;

Glory Dome
Glory dome

“The workmen were paid as when due. That livelihood was provided.

One of the supervisors said the construction was providing employment for Nigerians at a time than anywhere as far as he knew because there was no project going on at this scale in the city at a point.”

He said the project was completed debt-free as they enjoyed supernatural supplies.

My friend, success is possible without running into debt.

You can start that business without taking loans. You can survive and do great and mighty things without borrowing.

Only pray to God and look up to Him for help. Don’t rush when God hasn’t provide for you.

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Start the project and finish it as God is supplying your needs. Don’t be in haste because haste makes waste.

2. Borrowing mentality

• It is impossible to survive without borrowing

In Nigeria, people have come up with the with this irrational belief that for anyone to survive, such person must be an ardent borrower.

Let me tell you that this belief does not have its foundation in God’s Word because it is possible to survive without borrowing.

Mark 9:23
[23]Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

All things are possible only to those who believe.

Debt is of the mind, once you make up your mind to survive by borrowing everything you need, you will definitely end up borrowing all the days of your life.

Seven Characteristics of Debt-free Living.

As a person, you cannot expect to live a debt-free life if you don’t believe that it is possible to survive in your country without running into debt.

Bishop David Oyedepo

There are men who do great things debt-free. I know of Bishop David Oyedepo who says he does not buy anything until the money is fully ready.

Bishop said everything he has, have been fully paid for. We all know how wealthy he is, he became wealthy without owing a dime.

Let your mind be renewed

Change your perspective so that you can live, survive and carry out great projects without borrowing. Change begins from your mind.

Once your mind is renewed you will be able to believe God for completion of major projects with zero tolerance for debt.

PRAYER: Lord, enable me to change my mentality. Enable me to d great things without running into debt.

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Written by
Tunde Korede
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