Why Pastors? Six Reasons Why Men Of God Fall Into Sin

Why Pastors? Six Reasons Why Men Of God Fall Into Sin

Six Reasons Why Men Of God To Fall

Why pastor
Why pastor

By the help of the Holy Spirit, I have discovered reasons why some ministers of the Gospel fall into temptation.

We have heard of a famous Pastor who allegedly raped his member. We have heard of another man of God who was involved in “SexForGrade” scandal too. Issues and reports like these baffle me a lot.

No good Christian should be joyful when issues like these spring up in Christendom. We have to be sober and think of the way out. And that’s the rationale behind this article.

In my local town, I heard of a Pastor who slept with at least four of his female members. Yet, we are always swift to say, “Touch not my Anointed.”

I’m not saying we should disrespect men of God but many of them do not deserve to be respected.

These days, ministers of the Gospel who should represent and practise what they preach are falling. Many have been brainwashed to believe that there are no more true ministers of the Gospel anymore.

However, there are still more faithful preachers. No matter the hullabaloo, allegations and sexual harassment trolling the Body of Christ.
What does the Bible mean when it says not to touch God’s anointed?

Five Basic Reasons Why Men Of God Fall Into Temptation

• Carelessness

Matthew 26:41
[41]WATCH AND PRAY, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

It bothers my heart when I see Pastors who don’t exhibit wisdom in carrying out ministerial works. I know you are serving the Lord but you must be wise.

How can a married Pastor be staying alone counselling a lady in her room? That’s stupidity. Such Pastor is playing with fire that will explode.

On no condition should a man of God counsel a woman alone in a secluded place. The lady might set you up.

Sadly, many of the allegations levelled up against some men of God originated from carelessness on the minister’s side.

Body Contact

Excessive hugging, kissing in the name of the Lord and spending more time with a member can trigger fire. Any Pastor who spends more time with a woman than his wife should be careful.

If you are careless, you may fall into temptation. The devil is highly strategic. So, as you pray, be vigilant and watch. Satan has agents and he specializes in using those who are closed to God’s Anointed.

Apply wisdom as you go about doing God’s work.

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Why Pastor #2

• Love Of Money

1 Timothy 6:10
[10]For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

When a Pastor sees every Church service as an avenue to acquire more wealth. He will easily run into series of temptations and may end up falling.

Additionally, love of money triggers temptations. Because some men of God want to be rich, they have been advised to consult witchdoctors. Many of the ministers you see today, are herbalists in suit.

More so, they will charge you before they pray for you. As a matter of fact, they will tell you that the severity of your sickness determines your price.

Interestingly, there are ministers of God who did not start their ministries by selling anointed materials. But once the pressure to get rich hits them, they turned to something else.

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Anointed Materials

Such ministers will sell anointed labelled oil, sachet water, mantle, handkerchiefs etc. It isn’t wrong if a pastor prays upon certain material but selling it is highly wrong.

Hence, some ministers fell into sin of witchcraft, occultism and extortion through the love of money. You have fallen if the love of money has led you to work against God’s Will. Ask for the mercy of God.

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• Fame

Honestly, those who go into ministry with the ambition of getting famous will end up falling. Eagerness for fame has drawn many into the way of hell.

Eagerness to be famous will make you seek power from there is none. Many ministers have become diabolical because they want to perform miracles that will attract global attention.

Nobody goes into ministry in order to be famous. That’s why some ministers do despicable and unimaginable things to allure people’s attention.

No Fame Thought

Most importantly, beware of evildoers that you have as friends. Because these people may give you advice that will secure you a seat in hell. Don’t bury people beneath your altar because you want multitudes.

Jesus commanded crowd and he was influential in His days without satanic influence. You can also have many people in your Church if you can wait and grow through the process.

Let the Lord himself, multiply His people. After all, they are not yours. They belong to God.

What The Bible Says About Pleasure

#Why pastor

• Pleasure

Judges 16:19
[19]And she made him sleep upon her knees; and she called for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of his head; and she began to afflict him, and his strength went from him.

Samson fell asleep in the laps of a woman because he loved pleasure. He lost his glory and anointing in the process of trying to satisfy his pleasurable needs.

Once again, I have seen another gripping reason why some men of God fall. And it is because of their love for pleasure.

Dear friend, don’t be surprised, there are Pastors who drink alcohol into a stupor claiming that it isn’t sinful. And there are also Pastors who have extramarital affairs.

Also, some false itinerant ministers have wives everywhere they travel to, to minister. Why? Pleasure.

1 Timothy 5:6
[6]But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth.

Even if you are going to seek anything pleasurable. Please, let it be biblical. You can do exercise and jug. You can watch Football matches. But you can’t have many wives and still claim to be enjoying yourself.

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• Disobedience To Instruction

Judges 14:3
[3]Then his father and his mother said unto him, Is there never a woman among the daughters of thy brethren, or among all my people, that thou goest to take a wife of the uncircumcised Philistines? And Samson said unto his father, Get her for me; for she pleaseth me well.

Here, Samson was warned by his parents not to take a wife from Philistine. Yet, he insisted he was going to do against God’s commandment and godly advice.

Anytime you see anyone who is so rigid and complicated to deal with it. Such minister/Pastor may fall.

Summarily, when a person makes up his mind not to listen to warning signs again, he’s heading for destruction.

• Impatience

1 Samuel 13:8-10
[8]And he tarried seven days, according to the set time that Samuel had appointed: jbut Samuel came not to Gilgal; and the people were scattered from him.
[9]And Saul said, Bring hither a burnt offering to me, and peace offerings. And he offered the burnt offering.
[10]And it came to pass, that as soon as he had made an end of offering the burnt offering, behold, Samuel came; and Saul went out to meet him, that he might salute him.

According to this passage, Saul just needed to wait for some minutes before Samuel came. But, the fear in him couldn’t allow him to wait for him.

Saul’s kingdom would have been established forever but he forfeited that opportunity through impatience.

Till today, the devil still uses impatience as a tool to draw men unto him. Hardly can our present generation of believers wait upon the Lord.

Impatience will make you see every reason to move forward irrespective of the source of movement. It can cut short your life if care is not taken.

Please, avoid every act of frivolity and impatience. Don’t be a victim. The downfall of Saul began when he could not wait for God’s servant to come anymore.

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Tunde Korede
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