Christian: Five Powers No Christian Can Do Without

Christian: Five Powers No Christian Can Do Without

Five Powers Every Good Christian Must Possess



The word “christian” is not just an emblem but a word loaded with responsibilities for its bearer.

Anyone who bears this title has to possess certain powers that distinguish him/her from mere men.

Firstly, a Christian is someone who has given his life to Christ and who exhibits Christ-like character.

Other words for the word christian are “disciple,” “saint,” “the elect,” and “believer.” I may use these words interchangeably in this post.

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The powers I mean here refer to the responsibilities vested upon a believer. Today, many people just bear the title of Christian but their lifestyle does not reflect that name.

Purposely, I write to you so that you can identify a good Christian. And for you believer to carry out self introspection on yourself and make amends.

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Five Powers Every Christian Must Possess

• Power Of Christ-like Character

Acts 4:13
[13]Now when they SAW THE BOLDNESS OF Peter and John, and PERCEIVED that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and THEY TOOK KNOWLEDGE of them, that they had been with Jesus.

The Christ-like the apostles exhibited in the above cited passage was boldness. Their boldness reminded them of Jesus boldness.

When the army of soldiers came to arrest Jesus Christ and they were looking for him. He came to them and told them; “I AM HE.”

They fell to the ground when they heard this (John 18:5-6). That was boldness!

Similar to that of Jesus boldness. John and Peter were not fidgeting before the rulers and elders of the Jews. They answered their questions with boldness.

So, they concluded that these men had been with Jesus. In other words, these men are the followers of Christ.

That is just one out of the Christ-like character that every Christian must possess. Jesus is humble, meek, courageous and kind.

Anyone who manifests a contrary behaviour is not of Christ.

It is an aberration to claim to be a follower of Christ and still having sex with prostitutes, smoking cigarette, backbiting, selfish, and unloving.

People like this does not deserve to be called a Christian.

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• Power Of Forgiveness

Luke 23:34
[34]Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

Jesus prayed to God for the forgiveness of sins of those who nailed him to the cross.

He said it was ignorance that made them to do what they did against him.

However, that was a typical example of Christ’s power of forgiveness.

Ephesians 4:32 says;
[32]And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, FORGIVING ONE ANOTHER even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

We are admonished to forgive one another. That means, God knew people ( including believers) are going to offend us.

Therefore, there is no point in remaining adamant and rigid and not forgive people.

The power of forgiveness is the power every good Christian must possess. I know the flesh will make it difficult to forgive people.

Don’t forget that we are not to be controlled by old selfish nature.

Forgiveness is the true identity of a transformed and regenerated mind. No unregenerated man can forgive people. It is only those who have purged themselves of filthy thought that can forgive.

Forget about the gravity of sin people committed towards you. Remember, your were forgiven by God.

To be sincere, you were once an addict sinner but God forgave you. Try and Possess this power as a Christian.

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• Power Of Fellowship

I find it difficult to believe the salvation of those who professed to be saved. And doesn’t get excited to fellowship with the saints.

Believe me, there are people who don’t like going to church at all.

As a matter of fact, whenever they go to church, it is as if they are compelled to do so. They will not participate in anything they do in church.

To clap their hands, dance, sing or pray in the church is a herculean task for them. I doubt their salvation.

For me, the day I got saved, I had indescribable zeal to work for God in church.

The early church met together almost every day. They wouldn’t have been meeting together every day if they were not enjoying God’s presence.

Acts 2:46
[46]And they, continuing DAILY with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,

More so, we are enjoined not to give up meeting together (Heb 10:25). Whoever neglects the church of God totally, is not saved.

Every saved soul will always yearn for God’s presence. And will always want to be in the midst of the saints.

On the contrary, an unsaved person will never covet meeting together with believers in church.

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• The Power Of Consistent Study

Mark 4:11
[11]And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

Where is that mystery? The mystery of the kingdom of God is found in the Word of God. To live a studious life as a believer is to live a life of Christ.

See, if Jesus did not study the Bible, he wouldn’t have any answer for the devil when he was tempted.

If he didn’t study the Word, he would not know those things that were written of him. He studied the Word. His followers should do likewise.

Your spiritual growth will be retarded if you don’t study the Word. You will be driven by every wave of doctrine if you don’t study the Word.

Additionally, the blessings embedded in the Word of God will not be claimed by you. If you do not study the Word.

Study to show thyself approved. When you get saved, the veil that makes the Bible tedious to you has been removed. You’ll be inspired to read the Bible daily.

A good Christian should sense a vacuum in his life if he has not studied the Word any day. A Christian will always yearn to read the Word.

Honestly, if you are not feeling this way and you claimed to be a Christian. Something is wrong somewhere. You need the fire of Holy Ghost to revive your spirit.

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• Self-examination

2 Corinthians 13:5
[5]Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

It is not unscriptural to examine yourself. Self-examination is to seat down and examine the steps you take if they align with God’s Word.

Any man who fails to examine himself, may lose his salvation. He will not know when he loses his stance in Christ.

Listen, it is not enough to listen to sermon or read the Word. Do you see yourself from the mirror of God’s Word.

Every Christian needs to possess the power of self-examination. Check your life.

Were you passionate for the things of God before? Has your love for the things of God grown cold? Are you on the right track?

These are the pertinent questions to ask.

Above all, it is not enough to be called a Christian name. But your responsibility is to reflect that name.

Let your lifestyle remind people of Christ. Let Jesus be your role model. He is the only perfect man that can help you to live a perfect life.

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Let me know your thought in the comment box.

Written by
Tunde Korede
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  • Many of us called christians don’t follow Christ we only follow our parents or friends that’s why it is very boring and tiring to us. I like this article all the Bible verses are just straight to the point.

  • @Everything

    Although, our parents should lead us to follow Christ but many of them have failed. It is now our responsibility to follow Christ and lead our children as well.

    God bless you. Thanks for your contribution.

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