7 Things You Should Know About Kenneth Hagin

7 Things You Should Know About Kenneth Hagin

7 Things You Should Know About Kenneth Hagin

Kenneth Hagin
Great Man Of God

Kenneth Hagin was an influential American preacher who pioneered the Word of faith movement and prosperity gospel. His writings and ministry have influenced the lives of many well-known ministers.

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Here are seven basic things you need to know about this great man of God;

(1) In April 1933, he lay near death in his bedroom in McKinney, Texas, suffering from an incurable heart condition that had rendered him near-invalid all of his life.

On August, 1934, while he was bedfast, he studied God’s Word. Finally, he came to the verses that would transform his life and become a cornestone of his ministry. His understanding about Mark 11:22-24 changed his mentality about divine healing.

By faith, he stood up, regained his strength and began to walk around his room. He was then told by God to teach His people faith, which he did throughout his lifetime.

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(2) He was born on August 20, 1917 and died on September 19, 2003 at the age of 86.

(3) In 1936, just before his 19th birthday, founded a non-denominational church, pastored there and in other churches for 12 years. Then he became an itinerant evangelist in 1949, teaching about faith and praying for the sick after what he called “An appearance from Jesus.”

Spiritual Father

(4)Kenneth Hagin was a spiritual father to a host of gospel ministers throughout the world before his departure. His sons in the ministry are, Kenneth Copeland, John Osteen of Lakewood Outreach Center, David Oyedepo of Winners’ Chapel, Frederick K.C Price and others.

Blissful Marriage

(5) Kenneth and his wife; Oretha had a blissful marriage. Both of them got married on November 25, 1938. In other words, Kenneth got married to his wife at the age of 21

Oretha met young Kenneth E. Hagin when he came to the nearby community of Tom Bean to pastor a small Assembly of God Church.

The blissful marriage produced two children, namely; Kenneth Wayne Hagin and Patsy Harrison. Kenneth Hagin Jnr is currently the Senior Pastor of Rhema Bible Church and president of Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

While Patsy Harrison is a widow of the late Doyle “Buddy” Harrison and is the owner and publisher of Harrison House located in Tulsa Oklahoma.

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(6) He published over forty books and those books have blessed lives and contributed to the spread of faith movement around the world. Although, some people accused Kenneth Hagin for plagiarizing the writings of E.W Kenyon but his family has refuted such accusation.

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(7) He pioneered the Word of faith movement which emphasizes that answered prayer, health property and well-being can be received by believing and acting on biblical promises.

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