7 Gimmicks That Will Make You Recognize False Prophets

7 Gimmicks That Will Make You Recognize False Prophets

7 Gimmicks That Will Make You Recognize False Prophets

Pseudo prophets
Pseudo prophets

Without embellishment, on a daily basis pseudo prophets are increasing and miracle-seeking people are being entrapped by them. They have devised unscrupulous means through which they exploit people and still go scot-free.

By implication, a lot of believers now see ministers of the gospel as swindlers who should not be trusted. Many say, ”All pastors are fake.”

All these assertions come as a result of proliferation of false denominations, spearheaded by false ministers, thereby misrepresenting Christianity.

Jesus said that by their fruits we shall recognize them (Mat 7:20). In other words, believers who are oblivious of the schemes/strategies of pseudo prophets will fall into the hands. Once we know their signs, we will be able to avoid them.

Hence, I have come up with seven strategies false ministers of the gospel use. Some of these gimmicks are trending and believers should look out for these signs so as not to be entrapped.

How To Identify False Prophets

7 Gimmicks/Strategies That Will Make You Recognize False Ministers

(1) Selling Prayer Materials

Acts 19:11-12

11 God did extraordinary miracles through Paul,

12 so that even handkerchiefs and aprons THAT HAD TOUCHED HIM were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.

Honestly, handkerchiefs were used in the days of Paul to perform signs and wonders. But the people were the ones who brought them to Paul to be touched by him. And miracles happened. There was no record that Paul sold those aprons and handkerchiefs.

Hence, any prophet who blesses some materials and sells them outrageously is false. I have been to a crusade where handkerchief of #100 was sold for #1,000 each. It’s a strategy used by false ministers to enrich their pocket.

It’s fine if you take an handkerchief, bottle of water or anointing oil to a minister for prayer. But something is wrong if a pastor sells a product for an outrageous amount because he has prayed upon it.

Frankly, you can pray on that materials and miracles will happen. Just work on your faith. Beware!

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(2) Telling Lies About Miracles That Never Took Place

After Jesus Christ raised a dead child; He gave strict orders not to let anyone know about it (Mark 5:43). During Jesus earthly ministry, there were times He would perform some miracles. But He would warn people that they shouldn’t publicize it.

Jesus was not the one who was going about publicizing his miracles.

On the contrary, false prophets are fond of blowing their own trumpet. They will share stories of how they healed an incurable disease so as to make people develop confidence in them.

Additionally, they ascribe glory to themselves, thereby making miracle-seeking members to see them as the embodiment of power. They are charlatans.

Avoid them. Our testimony is Christ. Don’t let any pastor endear you with words.

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(3) Charging Before Prayer

Pseudo Prophets
Doing the unlawful

Pseudo ministers charge their clients for consultation, prayer and fasting and for counseling. When Jesus was sending out his disciples. He told them that freely they have received, therefore, they should give freely (Matt 10:8).

Healing is to be done freely. There are ministers who charge people battling with terminal disease before praying for them. They are also false! Services are to be done freely.

Even if a pastor should fast with you, he shouldn’t demand money from you. You can decide to give him money. But he should not be the one to demand the amount you must pay him.

(4) Acting of Miracles

Pseudo prophets
Pseudo prophets

Fake ministers breed fake miracles. Sadly, some ministers now stage miracles. They will hire unknown men who will play different roles in order to make the movie (miracle) interesting. It is another strategy false ministers use.

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If you are seeking miracle, you will be trapped. Accept Jesus, and walk with God. However, this does not invalidate the occurrence of authentic miracles. Miracles still happen. That is why we are asked to test every spirit (1 John 4:1).

(5) Giving Information

Interestingly, fake ministers will furnish you with every information you need to know so that you can believe in them. They will tell you about your background, phone number, parents, your date of birth and other irrelevant things.

So, people get shocked when these things are said by a pastor they’ve never met before. That’s why those pastors keep echoing to their clients, ”Have I ever met you before?” Beware!

Some of these prophets search for your information online while many have spies all around. Once you get entrapped, they can make you do any unlawful thing.

(6) Twisting Scriptures For Personal Gain

Scriptures have been manipulated, wrongly interpreted and twisted with powerful exegesis by false preachers. They ask people to borrow money and give it to them. They twist the Bible to exploit believers.

You need to be careful! Do not be a believer who swallows everything a pastor says hook, line and sinker.

Be like the Berean members who examined the Scriptures to see if what Paul preached was true (Acts 17:11).

Be a studious Christian. Never obey any instruction that contradicts the Scriptures.

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(7) Presentation Of Scaring Vision

To a woman who loves her children. They will say, ”I see one of your children in a coffin.” False ministers prophesy doom in order to get people trapped. You need to be careful.

Women must learn to study the Word instead of running around from one prophet to another. Also, men must provide spiritual covering they need to provide for their family.

Even if they tell you a negative vision. Reject it and pray to avert it.

Thank you for reading. Please, leave a comment after reading. You can add to the list, using the comment section.

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