3 Types Of Relationship You Should Avoid

3 Types Of Relationship You Should Avoid

3 Types Of Relationship You Should Avoid

Types of Relationship
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There are various types of relationship but we will examine few of them. Importantly, I’d like to show you the few ones you need to avoid.

As it is often said that bad company corrupts good manners. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to be intentionally wise as we choose whom to walk with.

The truth in this article if comprehended by you, will make you leave ungodly relationships.

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Relationship is defined as;

a situation in which two people spend time together or live together. And have romantic or sexual feelings for each other.

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Three Types Of Relationship You Should Avoid

Types Of Relationship

• Parasitic Relationship

A parasitic relationship is the kind of relationship takes from you but doesn’t add any value to you. Such relationship will cost you money and your time.

Additionally, one may sacrifice so much in that relationship but will never gain anything from such relationship.

More so, if you are in a relationship with that parasitic fellow. You will know because that person will continually demand from you.

But he/she will never be ready to give you anything. That’s a parasitic relationship. It’s a bad one.

Jesus laboured on Judas. He was thoroughly taught by Jesus. There were times they would pray together and go on evangelism together.

Judas Iscariot ate with Jesus. He enjoyed one on one relationship with Jesus.

Sadly, he was even appointed Jesus treasurer (John 12:4-6). With all these array of opportunities, he messed up. Judas was the one who sold Jesus.

That’s a example of a parasitic fellow. No matter what you do to people in that relationship. They will betray you.

Do all you can to avoid a parasitic type of relationship.

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• Epidemic Relationship

Joshua 7:25
[25]And Joshua said, Why hast thou troubled us? the LORD shall trouble thee this day. And all Israel stoned him with stones, and burned them with fire, after they had stoned them with stones.

In this passage, Achan took the accursed thing and this made the Israelites to lose their battle against Ai.

Later on, Joshua discovered that, they lost that battle because of the sin of Achan. Then, they had to get rid of Achan.

My point is this, some people have suffered an epidemic of failed relationships.

An epidemic relationship is the one that increases the number of times that something bad happens.

Whoever is in this type of relationship will experience a sudden increase in bad happenings in his or her life.

We need to be sensitive as to the things that happen to us whenever we have new friends.

Frankly, there are people you relate with that can make you lose things. There are people you accompany on the journey of life that will bring evil upon you.

Jonah’s plight

Jonah entered the ship going to Tarshish. And this was what they experienced;

Jonah 1:4
[4]But the LORD sent out a GREAT WIND into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken.

Until they threw Jonah out of the ship, the sea never ceased from raging.

At times, until you avoid people that bring evil incident into your life. The incident may never stop.

May you receive the wisdom to detect evil ones and avoid them.

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Types Of Relationship

• Casual Evil Relationship

Luke 23:12
[12]And the same day Pilate and Herod were MADE FRIENDS TOGETHER: for before they were at enmity between themselves.

Pilate and Herod made friends together for one reason. What’s the rationale behind their relationship? To get rid of Jesus.

Also, this type of relationship is in existence for the perpetuation of evil. It does not require long years of friendship for evil to be perpetrated.

Practically, there are people who casually become friends with the intention of carrying out evil.

However, you are to avoid this kind of relationship because it is not solely based on love.

If you love someone, you won’t think of doing evil to that person. We are to love, and not to hate anyone.

Relationship must be established on love. Coming together to perpetrate evil is to be discouraged and avoided.

Hence, if you must keep relationship, keep godly ones.


It is not all relationships that are profitable. Some relationships are destructive and parasitic in nature.

Be involved only in a relationship that will facilitate your growth and the growth of your vision.

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Tunde Korede
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