10 Prophecies The Lord Gave Me For The Year 2021″ – Tunde Korede

10 Prophecies The Lord Gave Me For The Year 2021″ – Tunde Korede

“10 Prophecies The Lord Gave Me For The Year 2021” – Tunde Korede

Every believer should understand the fact that God will do nothing unless He reveals it to His servants, His prophets (Amos 3:7).

God, in His mercy has made it known that before he does anything strategic on earth, He would reveal it to certain people. The rationale behind this is that He wants His people to PREPARE and PRAY.

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Before the people in the days of Noah were destroyed, He revealed His plan to Noah. He did not just destroy the earth, but He made His plan known to someone who KNEW Him (Gen. 16:12-22).

Perhaps, the Lord does this because He has given the earth to the sons of men (Psalm 115:11). It is very important for you to know that when God wants to do anything on earth, He tells certain people. Then He would raise men that will fulfil His mandate. This is the Lord’s principle. It is an ageless principle!

Our Lord is the Lord that does not change (Mal. 3:6). He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.
As believers, we are not to fight or argue with men of God whom God has spoken to concerning this year.

In addition, bear in mind that, the fact that the prophecy given by a particular man of God fails, does not make him a false prophet. Even the prophecies of Jonah and Isaiah failed. And these men were true prophets!

A false prophet is someone who prophesies (sometimes accurate prophecies) from a false/evil/wrong spirit. Anyone whose prophecies are not in line with the Scriptures, is a false prophet.

The truth is, prophecies can fail (I Cor 13:8). There are decisions that must be taken for prophecies to be fulfilled. We will discuss that later. Probably I’ll write an article on that.

Nevertheless, here are the things the Lord said to me concerning 2021. You can write these things down and begin to mark them as they come to pass during the year.

The Prophecies For 2021:

(1) There shall be an outpouring of the Spirit upon the lives of frial/weak men. Giants in the Kingdom will rise. People we’ve never known before will manifest God’s Power to the amazement of many.

(2) It shall be a year of Judgement without mercy for the workers of iniquity. People whose evil works have been hidden for years will be exposed and properly purnished. And there shall be justice for those suffering unjustly.

(3) Delay will be broken. Those who have been delayed in the journey of success will move. Delay in childbearing or on the aspect of marital settlement shall end this year! Pray!

(4) It is a year of reward for many. I see the Lord rewarding believers for their labour towards His kingdom.
(5) Lives will be ravaged by diseases so much so that a NEW DISEASE will surface. Only people with the Lord’s hedge around their lives will be protected and preserved (Job 1:9).

(6) I saw confusion among Nigerian top politicians. Pray that they will not use this confusion of language to inhibit our success and progress as a natpeople

7) July to September is pregnant with evil. But if God’s people can pray, the evil will not be their portion. Also, this evil can be stopped by prayer (Matt. 26:41).

(8) There shall be a rising of new stars; these people are disabled and non-disabled people in almost every sector. They will experience strange favour before men that will grant them promotion.

(9) This is the year those who do not know the Lord will be TORMENTED. They will run helter-skelter and rest will be far from them. WATCH AND SEE!

(10) The Lord’s people will be favoured (Luke 1:28). Pray for favour every day.

Lastly, claim those good prophecies with prayer and avert the negative ones with prayer. Prayer energizes prophecies and they provoke them to come to pass ( 1 Pet. 5:17:18).

This is your year of favour in Jesus’ name.

Written by
Tunde Korede
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